Expert Witness

Jackie Gawen has considerable experience in working closely with specialist lawyers in criminal and civil cases throughout the UK.

She provides expertise in the fields of food safety and health & safety and has carried out work ranging from Civil Claims up to Crown Court proceedings

She has experience in producing expert witness reports and giving oral evidence in court. HerĀ  experience in both industry and as an enforcement officer provideĀ  a valuable and rare perspective on a wide range of health and safety issues.

She has received training as an expert witness and worked for the prosecution, defence and as a Single / Joint Expert.

Areas of expertise include:

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Prosecutions
  • Workplace fatalities
  • Accidents and injury investigation
  • Unsafe workplaces and practices
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management Prohibition and Improvement Notices

Food Safety

  • Food poisoning
  • Food Hygiene & Safety Prosecutions

Viral Gastroenteritis and infectious disease

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